Caribbean Croft 30 STOKES CROFT, BRISTOL, BS1 3QD. 0117 330 5298 | 7th Dec 2017

Caribbean croft

Another year on and another year of our monthly visits to various restaurants across Bristol, still enjoying all the glorious, and sometimes not quite so glorious food on offer.

After nine years of Indian Curries, we decided to branch out and embrace other world foods, offering spice and heat , as well as our usual Indians, as the choice seems endless in Bristol.

We visited Wahaca in Queens Rd, Caribbean Croft in Stokes Croft, , Chai Pani Indian kitchen  in Cotham Hill , the Brunel Raj in Waterloo St, amongst others and so we came to choosing this years winner.

Easy choice, overwhelming vote, and the Winner for 2017 was decided as The Caribbean Croft.

The Croft is run by best friends Katrina Hall , who is the manager and Peter Innes, the chef and between them and their amazing staff, efficient, friendly and great humoured, they  deliver the most mouth watering food.

They worked together previously in a Caribbean influenced pub and decided a couple of years ago to set up on their own in Stokes Croft, deciding on there because there is such a diversity and bustling atmosphere in the area.

The recipes derive from those of Peter’s mother in law Ms Cat , whose influence Peter credits most of his recipes and techniques to.

The restaurant also has a bar/drinking area and it is here that showcases some wicked rums and cocktails.

We started with the Guiness Punch, a spiced blend of Guiness, rum and condensed milk. Jamaican Mule, rum bitters, lime and ginger beer  and Mai Tai , a blend of two rums, Grand Marnier, lime , orgeat and bitters.

Then comes the food …..


We opted for the shared platters, three of them and asked the staff to choose for us, and oh my

Jerk King prawns

Butterflied prawns with a garlic and chilli dip

These are like little pieces of heaven in such a delicious dip



Jerk Chicken wings

Hot and spicy with a cucumber, mint and basil mayo

So so moreish, you could sit and eat these until you could eat no more




Rich spicy and incredible

My personal favourite, falls to pieces and the blend of sauces, just gorgeous


These are good portions, big banging food so go there with an appetite



Curried goat, with scallion, onions and carrots, rice n peas

Flavours that keep on coming



Jerk pork belly

With croft slaw and salad

I am a sucker for pork belly and when it is jerk slow roasted, well its time to realise that maybe thats the best way to cook it.

I did tell you the portions are generous



Steak with sweet potato in a fabulous sauce

Big flavours succulent and covered in the most amazing sauce


Sometimes you can taste the passion in food, the  history in recipes passed down and that desire to continue with the same dedication to feeding people fantastic food and the Caribbean Croft has taken that ethos and run with it into what is now a restaurant that invites you to be happy. The atmosphere is calm, relaxed and fun. The staff care, the owners care, and each mouthful in that atmosphere makes you feel the Caribbean transported to Stokes Croft.

When we chose this as this years winner, I didn’t really even need to ask the crew because it was obvious.

At our December outing we always present a trophy.  Now  it might not be the Jules Rimet in size but we enjoy presenting something that shows that we care enough about the food presented to us, as much as they care presenting it and it was a delight showing our appreciation.

We will certainly be making repeat visits





Here is to the next twelve months of spice

We even all shaved our heads in homage to the chef !


The Curry Crusaders

December 2017




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